Foraging & Farming

Hi friends & family! Welcome to my virtual hospitality space. After being laid off from the food and beverage industry twice due to the pandemic, my comfort baking with wild foraged ingredients for my friends and family suddenly turned into an accidental business over night.

I approach creating dishes with the upmost respect for the ingredients which are either foraged or farmed locally. (Please visit my “Thanks” page for others who have paved my inspiration for this endeavor.) As foraging for wild and fresh mushrooms happens to be my favorite hobby no matter the season, I take great care in making sure they are harvested responsibly from the forest floor and taken precious care of all the way into the final creation.

My intention behind Ø Horizon Provisions is to provide fresh and quality ingredients a wonderful life into beautiful dishes and share them with my community. I hope my pastries, catering events, and meals exhibit the love and care that I put into crafting everything.

Food has a special ability to bring people together. For me, a great meal and experience together builds the best communities. From foraging to farming, my purveyors and teammates are friends or family of mine from within my local community. Let my community help make your day or special occasion incredible by providing you a wonderful experience.

Warmest Regards,

Kim & The Ø Horizon Provisions Team